Monday, 26 September 2016

My First Top Ten - For This Blog.

I have done a lot of 'Top Ten' blog posts in my blogging history.  But, as I am approaching this particular blog as an entirely brand new blogging venture, and as I have chosen for it to now be a 'lifestyle blog' and not based around celebrity news and gossip as it was before, I feel that this warrants being my first top ten blog post on Dolly Wolly Wombat.

These are the top ten things I am loving right now.

10) Yankee Candles.

Everybody loves Yankee Candles.  Right now I am burning Snow In Love, and I know it is nowhere near Christmas yet, but to be honest I don't think it matters.  Not to me anyway.  I have a little stash of the Yankee Candle votives in a drawer and Snow In Love was the one I picked out.  I still have Black Coconut, Lemongrass and Ginger and Red Raspberry left! And they all smell divine.  I just love Yankee Candles.

9) Hollyoaks.

I am not a really big soaps fan at all, but Hollyoaks is the only one that I will watch.  I have been watching if for a few years now and I just love it.  I like practically all of the characters in it at the moment, although I will say my two favourites are James Nightingale and Grace Black because they are for the most part, intriguingly devious.   I did love Lindsay Roscoe too when she was in it, and so far 'The Gloved Hand Killer' is my favourite storyline this year.  Brilliantly acted and they made it suspenseful too. 

8) My Car.

I have a grey Ford Focus which I bought earlier on in the year.  It is five doors, has loads of boot space, alloy wheels and it drives like a dream.  I am so happy with it.  Probably the best £1,300 I have ever spent!

7) Money Boxes.

I am really big on saving money, I always have been to be fair.  I currently have several money boxes, in fact, I have just counted them, I am using five in total.  So, I have a box that I put all loose change in, so 20ps, 10ps, 5ps and copper coins.  You would think that would be enough but no, I also have a unicorn money box for 50ps only, and I have small box where £2 coins live, and the other two I have are specific tins that I bought off Amazon for about £4 each.
You can save £500 in each of these.  They are brilliant.  I wouldn't mind a couple more actually so I will be keeping a look out for different designs.

6) Sausage Rolls.

This is purely because I am eating one right now.  With ketchup.  And it is yummy.

5) Unique Plaques.

There are loads of these about at the moment mainly, in The Range.  I love The Range, it is quite possibly the best shop ever for gifts and gift ideas.  I love it.  I spend ages in there when I go.  But you can buy these plaques anywhere.  These particular ones that I got I bought from a card shop.  I gave the 'If Things Seem Dark Focus On The Brightest Stars' one away as a gift, but the 'Always Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen', I might end up keeping for myself.

We shall see.  I do love them both.

4) My 'I Think I'm A Part-Time Unicorn' pyjamas.

These were bought for me from a friend for my birthday which was on August the 12th, and I absolutely love them.  Mainly because I am obsessed with unicorns anyway.

It just looks so cute.   I love them.  And they are really comfy too.   Who doesn't love a pug dressed in a pink jumper pretending to be a unicorn anyway?!

3) My Paint By Numbers.

I used to do loads of these when I was younger and it has only been in the last year I have started doing them again.  I just love it because it is so therapeutic and it makes me chill out which is great particularly after a busy day in work.  It does take time, but the end result makes it so worth it.  I have done five in the last nine months or so, and I love doing them either on my days off or at night after work for a bit.  I am a perfectionist by nature so they can take me a while to do, but it is something I really enjoy.

2) My Notebooks.

Every writer loves their notebooks, and since I have started blogging I have noticed that I am using a notebook to write my posts long-hand all the time now.   It doesn't matter if I am just writing down bullet points, or writing out an entire post from start to finish over the space of 6 pages, I still use a notebook.  At present I a using a hardback A5 fairy notebook, but it is nearly full, I only have a few pages left.  I do have a new one ready though.  That notebook actually reads 'Amazing Things Will Happen'.  I think it is really cool.

1) My New York City Bedding I Got For My Birthday.

So this bedding set really is awesome.  I love New York city!

That is the pillow, I thought it showed you the picture a bit better.  The colours in it are just amazing, they are so vibrant.  This bedding was a gift for my birthday off my nan, which I picked off the internet.  It is really lovely quality, and it washes really well too.  And yes I am aware I have taken a few previous photos for this post on this bedding prior to me revealing my number one spot, but hey, it makes a great photo backdrop!!  That is my excuse anyway.  This bedding looks amazing.

Thanks for reading.

Sarah x