Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Six Actors Who Could Play Hans Solo In The New Star Wars.

I like to write!!!

This is really cool, Hollywood have just announced that they want to do a spin-off Hans Solo movie, which in itself sounds amazing already.  The want to do his 'humble' beginnings, which sounds great, I have always wanted to know how the character of Hans Solo came about too.

If course, being Hollywood, they have already got six actors lined up who could be possibles to play the iconic role.  Being me, I have already decided who out of this stuff I would like to play Hans Solo.....but I bet he doesn't get it.

1) Ryan Gosling.  And yes, this is who I want!!! He is gorgeous, and he is perfect for the role.  Because he has charisma.  Gosling would definitely be my first choice.

2) Garrett Hedlund.  I am really sorry, I have to be honest, I don't know who this is.  Apparently, he was in Tron Legacy, which I have not seen.

3) Scott Eastwood.  Possibly.  I do like Scott Eastwood, he does have a mysterious side to him and I haven't seen all of it.  He was very good in Fury.  I just wonder whether he would be a bit too serious for the role.

4) Chris Pine.  Now interestingly, he could definitely play the role.  The argument that it's already circling is can he play two iconic role in his acting career and play them well.  We all know he did a great job in the Star Trek movies as James T. Kirk, but could he pay Hans Solo too?  Even I am not so sure.

5) Nicholas Hoult.  I am not so sure.  I do love Nicholas Hoult, but I just cannot see him playing Hans Solo.  Maybe it's because he has such a young face.  He doesn't look...rugged enough.  I really can't see him in the role, he just doesn't look right.  Sorry.

6) Aaron Paul.  Again, a possibility.  After being in Breaking Bad, he definitely looks like he has a dark enough streak to be in Start Wars, but Hans Solo, I thought he had a bit of humour attached to him and I'm not sure Aaron Paul could pull it off either.  He looks like the part, but could he act it?!

All things considered, if I had to pick out of this list who was most likely to get the part, I would say Chris Pine.  I don't care that he had played James T Kirk, who says an actor can't pay two iconic roles!!  However I secretly would love it too be Ryan Gosling.  I think if he was to get the role it would prove he could expand on his versitily as an actor.  I just wonder whether it would be too much of a risk.

You never know, it might not be any of these actors.  But it is still interesting to explore the possibilities.