Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Backlash For Marisa Tomei' s Aunt May Has Started.

I like to write!!!

I have been waiting for this.  You just knew someone somewhere was just going to pipe up and say she is far too young to play the part of Aunt May in the new Spiderman.  I did say she was an interesting choice, but then I thought, if we have a younger Spiderman, surely we should have a younger Aunt too.  I mean, it's not Great Aunt May is it?!   If you understand what I am saying.  They are obviously trying to get the ages of the characters in line.  I mean, Tom Holland is only nineteen, so I think Marisa Tomei is a great choice for the character of Aunt May, in my opinion.  At the same time I wish Hollywood would create more opportunities for the more mature actors and actresses out there, so that I will say.  But for now, I am happy with the way the new Spiderman franchise is coming along.  We shall just have to see how Marisa Tomei does with her new role.