Friday, 10 July 2015

I Don't Think Much To Kim Kardashian' s Latest Photo Shoot Either!

I like to write!!!

I really hate to say it, because I do love Kim Kardashian, she is a stunning looking woman, must of the time, but these pictures are just bloody awful.  They are in The Mirror.

 I mean, she actually looks a bit trashy in it.  For a start, she suits her hair darker, in my opinion, secondly, the black stockings look horrendous, and thirdly the way she shows her bottom off is way too provactive, it's too too early in the morning for that.  Is this on page 3?  Maybe it should be if it isn't already.   She even ruined her suede boots climbing up the rubble.

Not the best picture I have seen her do.  Kim Kardashian needs to dye get hair back dark, because she suits that better, and stop doing off her arse so much.  There is nothing wrong with a nice dress you know!!!