Thursday, 9 July 2015

Celebrity News Today

I like to write!!!

Rob Lowe has called Ariana Grande' s apology 'lame'.

So Ariana Grande is filmed, licking a doughnut, and saying 'I hate America'.  Is this because America has lots of delicious food that is hard to resist?  Unfortunately her 'I hate America' comment has got her into some really hot water.  Maybe people suddenly thought she was anti-America or something as her remarks started trending.  So she apologized, saying she did not mean for it to sound that way, but Rob Lowe, famous for The West Wing, has called her apology lame because it was such a stupid thing to say.  You don't just go around saying you hate America just because it gives you doughnuts!!!  And, she is supposed to be an advocate for healthy eating, and preventing child obesity, which also is a big thing in America.  I think it was just a slip of the tongue, she didn't think anyone was watching her.  Best thing she can do is to put things right.  But others need to allow her to do so.  Cops are investigating the video now.

Bill Murray makes his first Comic-Con appearance.

Bill Murray, who, I am surprised this is his first appearance at Comic-Con, being in the original Ghostbusters I thought he would have got involved by now.  But this is his first time, and he is promoting his new movie, Rock The Kasbah.  In the movie he takes a young Afghan star to Kabul to enter an America's Got Talent style show.  Knowing Bill Murray, I can imagine it might be quite funny too.  I am glad he had finally appeared at Comic Con.  It would have been amazing if all of the original Ghostbusters stars could have got together at Comic-Con.  Obviously that is no longer possible following the passing of Harold Ramis.  I am pleased for Bill Murray though.

Jaden Smith Is Seventeen Today.

How the years have flown by.  I remember when he was in The Pursuit Of Happyness with his dad.

And his mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith posted this message.   Which I think is sweet, but kind of cringy at the same time.   I wonder if he will keep on making movies when he is his dad's age?


Tom Selleck Has Been Accused Of Stealing Water.

He has been stealing truckloads of water from a public hydrant to help keep his California ranch and Avocado farm looking 'lush', apparently.  Sneaky bugger!! The residents of the state have been ordered to cut water because of the drought.  Naughty Tom Selleck.  You will be getting into some crap for doing that.  It's not fair on everyone else that he gets to water his avocado farm, and everyone else suffer.  That's just really bad, and selfish.  I should imagine he will be receiving a hefty fine for that one.